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Quality policy:

Standardized management, the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction

Standardized management: constantly optimize the company management process, improve the quality of staff, through the implementation of 6S to improve the working environment, enhance the company’s product and service quality, schedule, quality to submit products.

The pursuit of excellence : through efficient norms of operation, and constantly improve the quality of products, continuously improve and improve product innovation capabilities, to ensure that customers provide meet or exceed customer expectations demand quality products.

Customer satisfaction: the company is dependent on customers, to customers as the center, to achieve our customer commitments, continued to enhance their ability to maintain long-term wealth, customer trust and satisfaction.

Quality target:

Customer satisfaction 95%

Rejection rate of < 5‰

Monthly return rate < 2%

The development of vision:

To strict style of work, positive work attitude, will" BFS" into a world brand, "made in China".